Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Speech is Still Here - Internet Defamation is Still Costly

For those that still are convinced that if you nothing to lose (financially or morally) - you think you have no worries as you continue to defame others online -think twice. Life as you know it can become extremely stressful - now that I have the domesticated judgment for $11.3M - an examination under oath is being scheduled for the defendant.

If she chooses to be not 100% truthful, there are many legal ways to determine the truth and what assets have been transferred to avoid being ceased.

Garnishment of wages will be included and I am confident many people in today's times would not want to be part of this.

The moral of this is - be careful what you type online - it may not only come back to haunt you, but it could definitely cost you! With today's recession the last thing you need is a judgment for any amount.

Free Speech is still alive and well - but it will never condone defamation!

Google Bomb, my next book will fully cover this subject!