Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sue Scheff: Google Bomb Book now available!

Amazon has the books ready for delivery and already the demand is high!

Online vs Offline – are they equal to who you are?

When Revenge turns to E-Venge? Do you know how to protect yourself?

Free Speech does not condone Internet Defamation!

Rise above Internet Defamation – learn how to take your online image back and how to maintain it!

Check out great AARP Bulletin today - Google Bomb Book mentioned! Thanks to Michael Fertik and the fantastic team at ReputationDefender for putting me in touch with the journalist! Michael wrote an engaging and explosive foreword – don’t miss it…. as he starts out… Google is not God…. order the book today….

My recent Examiner -Do you know what Google is saying about you? article ties my book into parenting – teaching your kids/teens to think twice before they post. What your post today, may haunt you tomorrow.